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  1. I have in the past couple years started using vib-E lures during the colder months to fish for saugeye and walleye. I however been having a hard time with spending the money on them and getting lures that get snagged often and or break hooks off. So I decided to make my own. I made and finished two of them sofar and tried a concept that didn't work well. So this is how I did it. I took a piece of cheap stainless. I mean cheap as it's magnetic but resists rust. I cut it to shape and used a bench grinder to finish in shape. Then I welded a good size bead on it for the weight and drilled holes for attachment spots and the hooks. Then I used some automotive body filler to finish the shape of the front weighted area. Painted it, then installed hooks. I went real cheap to start by using the leftover split rings off the broken baits I had laying around. When trying it out it seemed to have a great wobble side to side unlike any of the other vibE style lures.

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    Looks good but can you put up a close up picture of just the lure?

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    Homemade Vibe-E's, that's a new one on me. Neat stuff.
  4. I wish I could get more pics of this lure. Unfortunately I lost it on a snag. But I am going to make more. So once I get more of them made I will get some pics of them. I liked the action of this one more than some of the other blade baits I've used. It had a more vertical side to side action than a front to back.
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  5. The start of a couple more.

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  6. Finished product minus the hooks and split rings

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  7. [​IMG] finished product minus the hooks and split rings
  8. Great job! Look cool.... at one time my uncle had some molds for blade baits. I remember useing some as a kid an always catching fish on them....
  9. Thanks I'm excited to use them. But with all this cold stuff and holiday stuff coming up I'm not sure I'll get the chance but maybe the week after Christmas I might just go if its not frozen over
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