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Ohio Fishing Reports All Ohio, All Fishing, All of the time. Post your reports here!

Central Ohio Fishing Reports

All reports near and about the central Ohio area go here
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Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports

All reports in Northwestern Ohio area go here
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Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports

All reports near Northeast Ohio area go here
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Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports

All reports in Southwestern Ohio area go here
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Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports

All reports in Southeastern Ohio area go here
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Ohio River Fishing Reports

All reports in the Ohio River go here
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Fishing Reports - Out of State

If you've made a trip out of Ohio, please post your report here
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General Discussions

New OGF Members

New to OGF? Introduce yourself here!
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The Lounge

All general discussions go here - KEEP IT CLEAN
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Tips and Tricks

A place to post your best fishing, and outdoor related tips.
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Tackle Talk

From Rods/Reels to bait and lures, this is the place to share information.
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Tackle Making

Lake Erie Fishing Reports This forum is sponsored by: Jann's Netcraft
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Boats and Motors

Having problems with your rig? Thinking of buying a new boat? Discuss it here.
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Canoes & Kayaks

31.3K 4.2M
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Fish on the Fly

Fly-fisherpeople, this forum is for YOU!
36.1K 4.6M
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Discussions related to Fishing/Hunting electronics and related gear
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Hard Water Discussions

Ice-fishers. a forum just for YOU!
75.7K 8.9M
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Tournament Discussion

Attention Clubs - Put your posts here!
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Outdoor Events & Seminars

Sport shows, seminars, and non-tournament outdoor events
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Pond Management

Discussions regarding ponds/lakes, electro fishing, fish stocking, aeration/fountains, algae and weed control, and consulting
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Trade-A-Trip - Share trip with another OGF member

Have an open seat in your boat, or just looking for someone to fish with? Hook up here!
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OGF Merchandise & Discussion

All of your OGF wearables, all of the time!
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Vermilion Hawg Fest

This forum is THE place to talk about The 2009 Vermilion Hawg Fest! Presented by OGF, hosted by the City of Vermilion. Sponsored by WKYC TV-3, Quaker Steak and Lube, Sharpnack II Chevrolet and South Shore Marine.
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Hunter's Lodge Everything Hunting

The Lodge

General Hunting and Equipment Discussion
29.7K 5.1M
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Bucks and Does

Whitetail Deer Hunting
36.1K 5M
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Traditional, Compounds, & Crossbows
23.6K 3.4M
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Turkey Hunting

Spring and Fall
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Waterfowl Hunting

Ducks and Geese
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Upland Game and Hunting Dogs

Pheasants, Quail, Grouse, Woodcock, and Dove
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Small Game Hunting

Rabbits, Squirrels, and Varmint
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Guns and Ammo

Firearms, Reloading, and Target Shooting
28.1K 3.6M
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Hunting Transportation, ATV's Truck's, and Jeep's
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Out Of State Hunting

Big Game, Upland, Waterfowl, and Small Game
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Discuss your favorite species! All discussions and tactics related to a specific species go here!

Bass Discussions

All bass fishing tactics go here. Largemouth/Smallmouth/Spotted discussions go here
22.1K 2.9M
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  • 2.9M

Panfish Discussions

Tactics on your favorite panfish, including Crappie, Bluegill, Perch and others belong here
6.6K 1.3M
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  • 1.3M

Walleye & Saugeye Discussions

We all love them, discuss your favorite tactics here
4.2K 977K
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Catfish Discussion

The bruisers of our waterways, all catfish-related discussions go here!
26K 3.5M
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Carp Discussions

Another great gamefish, all Carp discussions belong here
13.9K 1.6M
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  • 1.6M

Muskie & Pike Discussions

Not to be left out, discussions about these elusive gamefish go here
14.4K 2.3M
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  • 2.3M

Steelhead Talk

Steelie fans, this forum is for you! Talk about your favorite species here!
54.2K 7.5M
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  • 7.5M

Stripers & Hybrids

Stripers, Wipers, and White Bass discussion
2.2K 600K
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Fishing Articles

Here is a library of fishing articles from professional anglers and outdoor writers from around the country. These forums are READ ONLY
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Classifieds & Marketplace

OGF Marketplace

All items for sale/swap go here. This forum is FREE to all members
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Hot Deals

Have you happened across a hot deal? Post it here!
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Product Reviews

If you have a new piece of tackle you like, please post a review of it here!
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Ohio Bait, Tackle, Taxidermy, etc. Marketplace

Please help us become the best source of Ohio outdoor sports shopping information. Post your favorite bait stores, tackle shops, taxidermist, etc. here!
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Vendor Deals

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Sponsors General Discussions

Directory of businesses and organizations that support OGF
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Fishing Guides, Charter Captains

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Lodging, Rentals

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Clubs, Organizations, Media

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OGF Site Related Discussions Everything OGF is here!

Community Help & Site Support

View the lastest OGF News and Event information here
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ODNR & WKYC News Feeds

Outdoors related news from the ODNR and WKYC Outdoors
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OGF Frontpage News

All articles posted on the front page will be posted here
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OGF Contests & Giveaways

This area is dedicated to site sponsored contests and giveaways.
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Off Topic Section

OGF Comedy Corner

Please keep your posts CLEAN folks!
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Sports Talk

Talk about your favorite sports team
59.3K 4M
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Computing & Gaming Discussions

Your OGF one-stop for all computing and gaming discussions.
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OGF Kitchen

Share your favorite recipes here!
22.9K 2.8M
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The Camp Fire

General Camping Discussion
3.2K 792K
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Home & Garden

Discuss home project and garden/landscape topics
22K 2.1M
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Trucks, Cars, Bikes and Trailers

A place to discuss your ride, and what you pull behind it!
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    Hello! I’ve been fishing the fall Brawl out of Cleveland with little success. I just got a new graph and trying to get dialed in and find some fish. I took some pics of my marks on. Sonar and DI, the third pic I think are bait balls? Are these good marks or just junk? 4th is just showing my...
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