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  1. Alright folks I have just been told for a second time that walleye filets should be zipped before any
    cooking is to be done. Will/or can
    anyone embellish on this procedure. I am not really sure how this can effective a filet as being better, but I am willing to
    try (how can one improve it) and
    make them any better reguardless as to how the finished product is done be it
    deep fried,grilled,or baked.
  2. After you filet the fish put a small knife slit on the tail end on either side of the bone-bloodline and strip one side of the meat off then grab the bone-blood line and strip again and disgard the bone-blood line. I also thin my filets and remove any!!! red stuff. hope this helps.

    There's one!!!

  3. Just like he said. Just pull it down like you were ripping a piece of paper. It feels odd to do the first time as it doesn't seem like it would come apart but it works slick. It will really do nothing to the taste itself. What it does is gets rid of the tiny radial bones that are left behind. The fillet process does not do anything to remove those bones.
  4. It's as easy as what the others said, two small slices in the tail. one on each side of the center of the filet. then gently but firmly pull. I started doing it last summer and am pleased with the results. No more stray bones in my filets, it removes 90% or more of the red meat, and it is fast and easy to boot.
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    I have noticed a huge difference in taste. I started zippering 1/2 way thru the year in 2007.

    The quality of the meat definetly got better (hard to believe, yes, but did)

    It also seperates your filets by size or thickness. No more overdone or undercooked sections
  6. go to and search for zippered walleye. There are several videos on how to do this.
  7. Better yet. Come to the Turtle Creek outing in April. That's where I learned to zip!
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    another way to improve the quality of the walleye meat is to bleed em before u put em in your cooler. i always bleed my eyes out for about 5 minutes or so.
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    Bleed them, zipper them, and freeze them in distilled water. These are the 3 keys to making walleye fillets last through the winter with the best flavor.
  10. i zipper MOST of my walleye but the dinks...18 inchers or so, I don't always zipper them. My one buddy doesnt want ANY zippered under 20 inches or so. to each their own.
  11. Can you tell me more about the Turtle Creek outing?
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    Turtle Creek info. is in the Lake Erie Fishing Reports forum. It's the top post.