Zfish's Feta Cheese Burgers

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    2 to 2 1/2 lbs of ground Angus (usually you can get this from Krogers or Meijers) Get the fat content of your liking. I usually get whats on sale that week as long as it's the black angus This will make 8 good sized burgers

    If you can get your hands on some ground buffalo burger thats as good if not better than the Angus

    1 package Feta Cheese (sun dried tomato and basil) Fetos or something it's called

    Mexican Chili powder (Encore)

    Oregano or Italian Seasoning



    KC Masterpiece dry BBQ Seasoning

    KC Masterpiece (or fav) BBQ Sauce


    *** TIP****

    If you get the Angus beef they usually wrap it up in the paper.. Ask them for either extra paper or to wrap it extra it will save you a mess later trust me.

    Grab enough meat for a normal hamburger and then split it in half

    flatten it out on the counter like (doesnt have to be pretty at this point)

    Season the inside with salt, pepper, italian seasoning, chilli powder)

    Put Feta cheese in the center (can use blue if you want) Personally I think the feta is better

    flatten out the other half of the buger and then put it on top of the other 1/2 and then push on it pretty good and then form it into your burger shape.

    Do that for all the rest of the burgers

    Cook to taste ... Add BBQ sauce on burgers while turning. and add any condiments that you want after cooked.

    **** Side note. If you went through all this trouble for good burgers make sure you put some good cheese on top... Good Aged Chedder, Swiss or Provalone :D

    Now if you're really feeling like cooking that day cut up some potatoes and make some french fries in the fry daddy and you're really set to go

    Enjoy !
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    Dang Zfish, I am reading these recipes you have posted and my mouth is watering! Kinda makes me want a cheeseburger for breakfast instead of this apple I am eating!!

  3. Ðe§perado™

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    That is awesome. I will try to make these later this weekend.