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    Well I was making my jerky today and since I never write down the recipe I'll put it here so # 1 I can come back and remake it and # 2 may help some of you guys out. The only draw down is that I don't write down measurements I just go off of what looks really good for the brine. I'll put appox and it should be pretty close to what I use.

    2 to 3 lbs of Jerky this time of year you can go to Walmart , Krogers and ect and get it pre sliced for quick sale. I'll buy 2 or 3 packages and freeze them and use them when I want.

    Honey (3 tsp) ( I don't think this matters on brand) it's just Kroger brand

    Brown Sugar (3 tblsp) I don't think this matters on brand and actually I looked and I used light brown sugar just Walmart or Kroger brand.

    Worchester Sauce (2 to 3 cups) (Lea and Perrins) This matters !

    BBQ Sauce (1/4 to 1/2 cup) ( I prefer KC Masterpiece for this) KC seems to work better for Jerkey and cooking than a lot of the others I've tried. Usually use Original or Honey BBQ in this case I used original.

    BBQ Seasoning ( 3 tsp) (KC Masterpiece dry rub) can get this @ walmart or wherever. I used it up while making this batch but it's just a dry BBQ Seasoning made by KC Masterpiece

    Chili Powder (3 to 4 tsp) use whatever you like I like Mexican Chili powder from odd lots = It's not too spicy but more of a tangy kick. it's the only reason I go to odd lots lol. Chili powder is made by ENCORE and it's called Mexican Chili powder... This is also great for Ribs and mixing with a lot of things. I have 3 or 4 kinds of Chili powder always handy but this one is my fav.

    Cayanne Pepper (2 tsp) Archer Farms I got this from Krogers but i'd think you can get it wherever

    Seasoning Salt (2 tsp) Lawrys can get this anywhere

    Pepper ( 2 to 3 tsp) fresh ground

    Garlic Powder ( 1 tsp) I used 5th season from Walmart (cheapo)

    Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke (2 tblsp) made by Colgin. This also matters.

    Put the Jerky in a large bowl. Trim any fat off that you can and un peal the jerky and set them in the bottom.

    Put the Worchester sauce in Start with maybe 1 to 2 cups and maybe add a little more later. You want the jerkey to obsorb it and really only go up an inch or 2 in the bowl.

    Put the Salt, Pepper, Chili Powder, Garlic,dry bbq seasoning, and Liquid Smoke in and mix for 30 seconds

    Put in the liquid smoke

    Put in the BBQ Sauce and then take the honey and drizzle a very light layer over the top of the jerkey

    Do the same with the Cayenne Pepper (just cover the top in a light cover) then also do the same with the brown sugar

    Mix everything back up. You don't want the brine to be too thick and by now the jerky has already started to absorb a lot of the mix so you may need to add a little more worshester sauce to thin it out a bit more if you feel it looks too thick.

    If the brine gets too thick it won't cook evenly and it clings to the jerky and gives it an like a chewy outter shell because it's almost camerlized.

    Put a lid or cover the bowl and let it sit in the fridge over night.

    Next day put it on a dehydrator or put it in the oven. I would say cooking times but it's so hard to say with the thickness of meat and settings on oven or dehydrator.

    I usually check mine ever hour to 2 hours and flip it over to make sure even cooking and later in the process pull all the done ones off so they dont go over done and crunchy.

    Also you can use the same recipe and change some of the ingrediants to make regular jerky and a hot one. I base most of that for all 3 kinds that I make. I just prefer the BBQ.

    Next time I'll get the measurements to be exact but it can depends a lot on the meat. This is one of the better batches I've made in quite a while !

    Enjoy !
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    Sounds good Zfish!!

    A couple of your ingredients has me thinking of trying some new things with my recipe. Love that dry BBQ seasoning!!

    Do you have a smoker? I'm a jerky "shooter" guy. Last batch I tried I went Alton Brown and did a little experiment. My recipe has liquid smoke too. I made half with liquid smoke and half I put in the smoker.

    Thanks for the recipe.


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    what kind of meat cuts do you get? How thick should you cut the strips?
  4. Zfish

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    I'll have to double check on the meat cuts as usually I buy it already pre cut. This batch the strips were about 1/2 inch to 1 inch wide and they were very thin strips maybe 1/8 inch. I used to do thicker jerky but for some reason I think the thinner strips come out over all tasting better.


    I had a smoker but I really want to get one of the propane ones. Raider has several and to this day has made the best BBQ Ribs I've ever had. I think he's the same way and doesnt write anything down. I remember one recipe had OJ and blackberry jam or something like that and man was it good.
  5. Zfish

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    I went to Walmart today and it was in the meat section. Although I got it in Colorado I got it in Dayton many times when we lived there too :)

    Beef Bottom Round thin cut. The one package I got was 1.5 lbs and was 5.46 I dont think thats a bad price. I usually buy 2 packages are a time. It's pre cut the only thing I do is trim the any fat off. :)