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Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Star1pup, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Anyone fished Zeppernick this year? I caught fish there last year, but had no luck about a week ago. Lots of weeds, but not so bad I couldn't fish. Just no bites no matter what I used from nightcrawlers to lures.
  2. You should try the pond that's just up the road from Zepperneck. It's on the other side of the road from Z. I call it little Z, but it has some name. The other day my daughter and I went and caught a few sunfish, but she caught the biggest snapping turtle I've ever seen, not once but twice. It was huge. We always catch something there.

  3. Where is this lake located I'm from mogadore abd have never heard of it before, I'm always game for new territory.
  4. I fished there a few times earlier in the year but no luck. Few small gills but couldn't latch on to any bass through the weeds. There are always boats out and you could probably do a lot better in a boat getting on the other side of the weeds.
  5. Its about 45 minutes east of Canton on rt172. before Gilford lake. The lake they talk about in this post is just east of Z across the road. Can not be seen from the road but there is a driveway to it. Its not more then 60 yards off the road.
  6. Ursusguy

    Ursusguy Sr. Member

    The pond you refer to is called the "Rough Pond" or "Ruff Pond".
    Used to have some nice crappies, but that was years ago, is managed by the state ODNR.

    Best Wishes.

  7. I was always told it was called rupp pond.

    Its really nice, alot of smaller bass, gills, and I seen a pike swimming by. Any idea if you can take a jon boat there or not?
  8. Rough Pond is known for its pickeral fishing in the early spring. Its a good place to try just after ice-out. The state record for pickeral is relatively small, so I wouldn't be suprised if someone pulled a new record fish out of there. Small inline spinners work well.

    As for Zepperneck, I haven't been there this year. A year or two ago, I took out the fly rod and landed some large sunfish on nymphs and a couple decent bass on poppers.