Zebra Mussel and C C lake

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  1. Two years ago I noticed how clear the water was getting at C C and I could see structure under water that I never saw before. Than when they lowered the lake to the winter level I could see all of these Zebra mussel's on every thing that was so far below the surface. This was a real shock to me as I have never seen them in these waters before. Now they are every place at CC.
    They were discovered in Lake Erie in 1988 and have now spread all over our inland lakes from sea to sea. They have a positive efffect as well as a some negative effects too. The good thing is that they clean up the water because they are just like a filter and there are Billions of them.
    When I fished C C this past week I was on the hump out in front of the Furance ramp and every now and than you would catch a rock covered with the Zebra mussels.
    When we were fishing we were bounching night crawlers across the bottom and some times when we would have a pick up and a good run with a fish and as you tried to set the hook the line would go limp and when you pulled it in it looked liked it had been cut with a knife. The hook and sinkers would be gone. After this happened several times I came to the conclusion that as the fish dragged your line across the bottom it was being cut on the Zebra mussels just like a knife .
    This will only get worst as they increase in numbers and take over the whole lake. When I read up on these Zebra mussels thay say there are only two things that eat them and they are diving ducks and Sheephead. So you may want to treat that next sheephead you catch with some respect as you return him to the water unhurt. That same day we caught several sheephead with one beng about 5 lbs. We also caught several eyes up to about 14" and a ton of blue gills of all sizes.
    The next time you fish C C and break a line off it may be a Zebra mussel doing it. Check your line often for wear and abrasions in the line. It might save your next big fish.
  2. I've experienced the same things from time to time. In the past I've done well on walleyes and saugeyes with 6lb line (including up to a 12 pounder which now hangs on my wall). But that was without the Zebras to contend with. Being that saugeyes mostly are found on the bottom, I'm starting to use stronger, sturdier line (8lb XT first) when fishing crawlers. Hate to get too sturdy, but have to do what ever it takes.