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This is in excellent condition, I even have a spare roll of labels to throw in.


All the specs are here on the Zebra Site as well as the driver downloads...no software other than the driver is needed just to run the printer. Also, UPS and Fedex both support this printer as do some of the online postage printing sites (not sure exactly which one any more as I don't ship anything any longer).

This was used for my small business, 10-12 labels day for about year...very low volume for a commercial printer of this caliber...used inside my house, not in the storage or shipping areas.

Includes data cord and power cord (no USB cord provided, data cord only).

$85.00 is a steal and takes this away...It is "worth" much more but worth nothing to me now so...it'll get me 3 wt fly rod building supplies.

Let me know, don't want to mess with eBay....the folks running the merchandise off this site might have interest as well.
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