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Zebco Omega Spin cast reels

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by JimG, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. FYI
    Years ago I was asked to teach fishing merit badge to Boy Scout troops in my area and since has become a big thing. At the startup I found young men coming with rods and reels that for the most part were never taken care of. So in the begining, I started to pick up spincast reels when on sale and made a switch to spin cast for myself also , so anyone could pick up the outfit and reach a degree of success right away.
    It was 8 years ago I started collecting Zebco #2010 reels for they were compact and easy to use besides they could handle panfish , white bass and small early season SM bass with ease. The only draw back was, the outer housing was plastic and many times the youth would tighten the reel seat to tight and either crack or break a piece off the reel seat. Zebco has been great every year at replacing them, but it started a letter writing back and forth with zebco in making requests for a better reel in the spin cast range.
    About five years ago, maybe many of you noticed the industry started making good changes to spin casts and they really improved.
    Three years ago, I bought three Zebco Omega model Zo3 and they were to be the top of the line reels to keep up with the other types. They were all metal and had 7 bearings beside 3X positive pick up pins. Needles to say, I was impressed with the way they worked and held up under so many different hands each season. They came with a extra spool and changing spools was effortless, which was another great feature. The only draw back was they were still to heavy and large for smaller developing hands, which started the letter writing again. Now they also had a price range in the $49.00 area , but I figured with the metal construction it was worth the less repairs I had to make.
    This year Zebco introduced the Omega Z02 and wow is it improved. Smaller overall design, all die-cast aluminum body, all brass worm gear drive, continuous anti-reverse, plus triple cam multi-disc drag.It still sports its quick change spool and comes with one extra spool. The recovery rate is 14" per turn which suits me just fine in recovery rate of line. The price is still $49.95 each and I purchased two of the first models from Zebco.
    Now that three trips with scouts is out of the way , I'm really impressed with the way they hold up to abuse and still preform. In my back pack I carry enough spools to cover the 4,8,10 pound range and if out with the young men we can adjust the line weight for the conditions and they have a sense of accomplishment , for they master it right away.
    So, my reason for this report is to make folks aware of the greater changes in the spin- casting area and I believe the reels are worth a good look at.
    With this new model, I plan on just staying with the new omega for personal use instead of switching to open or bait casting. All reels are good in their own way , but this new developement in spin -cast reels make it easy for young hands to compete and master casting beside being able to handle a tangle with a , "Big Boy".
    At the end of the season I'll report again how they held up all year.
    Thought I'd share,
    Tight lines,

  2. sowbelly101

    sowbelly101 Keep'n It Reel

    hey you left out the part about the crush resistance of them. :D . any ways i bought a zebco 33 platinum last night for my mother in law. man you talk about a nice reel, makes me want to throw my spinning reels away and go back to the no hassle ones. this might be a dumb question but do you use the omegas on your long poles?

  3. Just got back from the weekend and did good. Now thinking about your question, I think you'd be happier going with the lightest spincast for your long pole and the Omega would be heavier on a long pole.
    How'd you do this weekend ????