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  1. Last night I watched an hour long program on the history channel called, "Monsterquest". The program reports on different unusually/abnormally large animals. Actually, last night I watched several episodes, one dealt with Bigfoot, there's one tonight about a swamp monster.

    Anyhow, last night's show was about monster freshwater fish. If you get the chance, you have to see this show! The highlights of the show are of a child-eating catfish, a 6' Pike which attacks a man in Minnesota, and a fascinating story of a man hooking into a lake trout which is approximately 14' in length!

    The show visits Point Lake in Canada to try and catch the monster lake trout. They troll for this monster with a 2' long wooden lure w/ a built in video camera! I caught the name of the lodge in the background, it can be found on the net at:

    This particular show will re-air on January 5th, at 4:00 p.m. on the History Channel. Don't miss it!!
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    Awesome Show!!! We dvr the entire series and then I put them on dvd to watch whenever we want. Reminds me of the old show "In search of..." with L. Nemoy (spock) but is better because they actually use science to try to explain everything. Some of the findings will make you think. lol Like the "bigfoot" DNA that proves that something really is out there running around.

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    After that show I will never get the wife to hang her toes off the dock in Canada ever again. I have seen gar in the local river but never an alligator gar like the one they caught. I may have to find me a guide.
  4. I usually try and toon it in, another neat thing about the fish episode was the alligator gar down in Texas, now thats one mean looking fish being dragged into the boat, I have always kind of had a fascination with the bigfoot thing, I was on a bigfoot website and they had a section where you could look at individual sightings by state, needless to say I clicked on Ohio and had to chuckle when they had a report of on sighted in the Dublin area in like 71 or 72 cant remember exactly.
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    I watched the bigfoot one. And I set the dvr to record the fish and the black panther sightings. It's a definitely a good show to watch.