Youth Hunt this weekend

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  1. Well, I took my 11 year old nephew out this weekend. This is his second season. Last season ended up with a nice little 8 point (basket rack0 and 3 stitches - the scope caught him in the forehead.

    Anyhow.... we left the house about 07:00... a little late because I had to work the ambulance the night before. We got in the Kubota and headed down to thw woods. We made it to the creek bottom, and was going to walk about 100 yard to my stand. We made it about 50 yard and my nephew said.."I see one". I looked over and here is a nice looking buck, right on the trail.

    My nephew, steadied up against a tree, and pulled the trigger.... it dropped in its tracks.

    I was back in the house by 08:15.


    This is his little brother... he wanted a picture too!


    The deer dressed out at 172. It is a mess of a rack... some say it is an 11 point... I'll give it 12.

    This boy isn't going to know what to do when all he sees are little deer.
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    congrats congrats congrats that is a nice buck i love to see kids hunting. that gives him more to look forward to next year. good job

  3. Congrats! That is a great buck!