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Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by jjpugh, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. jjpugh

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    what type of line do you all think is best for the ice. and whats the worse. i thinkin about tryin some 4lb cajan. have a friend that swears by it. but he dont ice fish. whats your thoughts and favorites
  2. Double J

    Double J Capt Jeff

    Depends on depth and what your fishing for.A little more info and I'll give my 2 cents.

  3. 4 lb test is my all round, foundation line. I like using the Hi-Viz Yellow. I have 6 lb Cajun on one rod for larger species..
  4. i use 4# vanish. doesn't get stiff and falls well.
  5. I really like the 1 lb test in .25 lb test dia. fireline crystal. its very strong and sensitive, and pretty much vanishes once its under the water just a lil hard to tie so i tie on a no-knot so i don't have to worrie about it. i have broke the stuff while fishing yet.
  6. capt j-rod

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    p-line 4lb. for eyes, 2lb for gills and crappies. Flouro carbon.
  7. i use trilene cold weather 3 pound test. So far have not had any problems with it. Been using it for 4 years
  8. I fish with 8# on my rods and 12-20 on my tip-ups for leaders. Thatll handel everything from cats,eyes and pike. Anything smaller would be as mentioned below. I always match the color of the water to the line. Also I was curious on what to use for muskies?