your pattern for crappie tounament

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    ok,now that it's over,let's hear what worked for you in this year's tourney.
    team misfit/frame stuck to plan A due to a couple of factors,and though we put a couple dozen fish in the boat,and our 10 best would have easily paid decent in any of the previous tourneys,it wasn't enough with the weights brought in this year.
    we fished the main lake in 15-18 feet,and pushed jigs for most of the day.micro spoons and jigs tipped with minnies a foot or so above or below the weight accounted for almost all fish,with only a couple coming on roadrunners.we found a few different groups in the general area just north of the marina,and when we could stay on them,we put the bait at the 10-12 foot level,and connected.some shade of green or chart was the color that worked best.we had to add up to 3/4 ounce of weight to keep baits anywhere close to vertical.boat control,as expected,was the key,and difficult at times,to say the least.
    a big thanks to my partner for boat handling skills as well as catching his share of keepers.if not for that,we'd have surely sucked,LOL.
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    we fished 15-24 FOW, found the fish suspended 12-15 FOW. all caught on maribou's, tubes stuffed with onion or roadrunners deadsticked below 1/4oz weights

    took 10 over 10" to the scales... came up in 25th

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    Yup, LK and I were on fish - but we weren't finding any big ones like we did during our pre-fishing. Just one or two in the 12"-14" range would have put us in the money.

    That and the fact that boat control in open water was near impossible. Luckily I invested in 2 brand new group 27 batteries 2 weeks prior for the MinnKota. The old ones wouldn't have made it.

    Like most tourneys, just a few ounces made a big difference.
  4. We fished 20 fow and jigged minnows just off the bottom, niether of us had ever fished Delaware before and we left our spot for a couple hours and tried to find fish in the short water but that failed, went back and caught a few more keepers but still finished 33rd. I am okay with that first time either of us fished a tourny and first time on Delaware. We also caught white bass, gills, rock bass and catfish.
  5. Windblown point
    14-19 fow
    Marker buoy
    MinnKota AP65
    Bass minnows
    Perch rig (3/8oz egg sinker>swivel>12" leader>#6 hook)
    9' rod
    Vertical presentation
    Lots of patience w/boat control.

    p.s. Did anyone catch a saugeye? I didn't see or hear of any being caught.
  6. ShakeDown

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    Came in 15th with 9 fish, biggest was 1.05

    All came in 5-7 FOW on crappie rigs...had to make contact with the bottom on the sloooooow troll while we lifted and bounced the bottom. That 10th fish we must have missed 10 times each!!
  7. I caught my two keepers on a Slider head w/ chartruse body. Also, a 3# cat, two 2LB largemouth, and several short fish. Fished wood shallow.

    Nick got his on a double-rig... Jig on top, chartruse Microspoon on bottom tipped with minnows. Fish hit microspoon, slow drifted mouth of a cove, 10 ft of water...

    I picked up a nice 15" white bass with a Kentucky rig, 13 ft of water, at the end of the day.

    I'm kicking myself for not going deep sooner, but the cove was nice and calm, kept us out of the wind. We forgot our extra clothes and were soaked to the bone, wrinkles on top of wrinkles. Nick didn't complain though....
  8. jake74

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    My son and I put our boat in off of horseshoe rd. after we checked in. It was a lot of work because my son is 6 years old but he held his own out in that nasty rain. We fished 5-7 fow and hit the brush piles hard with white jigs tipped with minnows. We ended up in 23rd place and had lots of fun. Can not wait to go next year
  9. I posted this on another thread but here it is:

    Great event and we had fun. We placed 11th.

    Our fish were caught in 2-3 foot of water very tight to the structure. We moved alot but just about every structure produced. Minnows worked with any type of jig.

    It was weird to have the weather subside as soon as the tournament ended.

    Thank you OGF for a great time.
  10. ABE


    Me and my uncle finished 6th. We started out fishing between the cove across from the beach and the big bay where the pump is. We caught our limit in 30 minutes in about 15' and the fish were up about 2' to 4' off the bottom. After that we fished the creek channel over by the horshoe rd boat ramp and picked up a couple bigger ones. We then moved to the point straight across from the main boat ramp and fished various depths up to the silo. We didn't catch much there so we just kept fishing a straight line over to the beach. We caught a couple more nice ones on the way there and when we got to the beach as well. That long troll into the wind pretty much did my batteries in so we just drifted all the way back to the ramp. Caught our 2 biggest fish right in front of the rocks 20 minutes before giving up at about 2:00. Almost all 20 that we kept had eggs and were 10 in 17 fow. We used black & green, purple & green, and red and white jigs tipped with minnows or nibbles. Didn't really seem to matter. We ended up with 10 solid fish between 10.5 and 11" but no big ones.
  11. Don't think we really ever had a pattern,we had a plan but like others that went to the wayside. Started shallow which got our biggest fish and hit downed timber in those areas without much luck. Was in a different boat and the trolling motor wouldn't work right so that didn't help plus the fact the Fishfinder was unreadable wasn't helping either. Ya starting to see the excuses yet? Glad my partner (reeldirty1) had the vex or it would have been worse. Most of our fish came in 10-12 ft. of water and he got them by watching the vex. Wasn't untill we added crappie nibbles to our jigs with minnows that the fish would hit. Never got our trolling program together just not enough time to try everything. I learned more about the lake and what to do next year if the conditions are the same. Know there were some die hards so congrats to the winners and all who fished it!