Your Hot Lures for 2008

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  1. What were your hot lures for 2008 for Bass fishing?



  2. drop shotting Roboworm 4" Tequila Sunrise & Aarons Magic
    Strike King Coffee Tubes
    3/4oz football jigs w/ rage tail craw trailer (all different colors)

    pretty much the usual. Only fished for smallies on Erie this year tho.

  3. I guess if you want hottest NEW lures that I used this year.

    I would have to say...

    manns waker couldn't keep them off of it in the spring

    caught even more all year on manns 1- as usual. also the strike king red eye shad and I still slay them on the old discontinued berkley frenzy suspending jerkbait.(its like an affordable lucky craft pointer)
  4. 1. Yozuri 3D Shad
    2. Texas rigged 5" Yum Dinger
    3. Yozuri Rattlin Vibe
  5. thelatrobe33

    thelatrobe33 Ohio Bassman

    1.) Wacky rigged 4" YUM Dinger
    2.) Black Power Worm on Reaction Innovations Shakey Head Jig
    3.) Jointed Jitterbug
  6. 1. wacky rigged pro-senko weightless and weighted
    2 shakey head pro senko
    3 bandit foot lose crank bait
    4 POP-R

    This was awsome for wackey style best hook up ratio and rarely had a fish spit it. here is the pro senko bottom compared to a regular senko

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  7. Strike King Series 1XS
    Strike King Spit-N-King
    5" Yum Dinger Texas Rigged Weightless
    1/4 and 3/8 Booyah Spinnerbaits White and Shad Colors Tandem Blades

  8. 1. zoom super speed craw

    2. custom made spinnerbait

    3. spro bronzeye frog
  9. JignPig Guide

    JignPig Guide Fishing Guide

    My Summer Bass catchers were:

    Bomber Model 4-A
    Bomber Fat Free Shad
    Strike King (lipless cranker) Red Eyed Shad
  10. Best I had this year--3/8 oz. homemade bullet bass jig in black/blue--- 7 1/2in. Yum worm in teq.sunrise with a pegged 3/8oz.weight and a #5 down deep rattlin fatrap in shad color.