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  1. What are your lures that are really working for you this year?
    I haven't gone in two weeks now do to....... well........I'm STUCK in the mill working 6 days a week!!!:mad:

    So far this year for me it has been:

    1- ever so far! Never caught A LOT fish on this before!
    2- FLUKE.........very hot right now also.Amazing on what hits this.
    3- W/C SPINNERBAIT always!...;)
  2. OSU_Fisherman

    OSU_Fisherman Bassin' Buckeye

    1. White 1/2oz Spinnerbait
    2. Roadrunners ranging in size from 1/16 to 1/4oz
    3. Mann's Wakebait

  3. So far:
    Bleeding Bitsy jig /Powercraw trailer in green Pumpkin
    Midnight Special spinnerbait.
    Coffee tube in Green Pumpkin/Chartreuse tail
    Yum Doozee Green Pumpkin
    Yum Dinger Pumpkin/Chartreuse tail
    Powerbait Heavy worm Green Pumpkin
    Gulp Alive Emerald Shiner minnow on a drop shot rig
    4" Bass pro squirmin' worm Electric motor oil on a drop shot rig
    Gambler Swim blade Green Pumpkin
    Mini Chatterfrog
    Strike King Pure Poison white/gold
    Caught a couple of bass on a Mack's Hummbait 1/4 oz silver and gold
    Caught a couple of bass on a homemade bottle cap lure (Land Shark Lager cap)
  4. ive been doing alot of bass fishing this year and my top 3 baits are.

    1.Fluke-they have been hammering this bait all year long!
    2.White Spinnerbait-same as the fluke tearing them up on it!
    3.Chatter Bait-not catching alot but when u do there pigs!
  5. 1. Strike King Sunrise Sexy Shad - Model 3
    2. Original Chatterbait - 1/4 oz. White
    3. Zoom Baby Brush Hog - Green Pumpkin
  6. Bandit 100 series:

    Mad Cow-if my order would ever come in.

    Chrome/black onto planerboards,25' 0f line released behind boards and trolled at 3 mph-Kicks Major Saugeye A@@!!!!!!!

    Mistake/chrome and black on the side rods.

    Somedays one works and the other doesn't.Next day,the opposite-those darn saugeyes, LOL!
  7. 1. Buzzbait (black)
    2. 4in. Tube Roadkill color
    3. Any jig in greem pumpkin color and matching trailer.
    4. 5in finesse worm.
  8. Strike King Red Eye Shad (sexy Shad color)
    1/16th oz White rooster tail
    Strike King Coffee Tubes (pumpking and watermelon)
    3'' Rapala XRap (silver)
    Rapala shallow runner 3'' (bluegill print)
  9. Ajax

    Ajax Rapala Snagger

    AC Shiner is the best lure to ever come out of Ohio. It is also the best lure for smallmouth EVAH!!! Buy one. They ain't cheap but they are worth the money for river and stream smallies. I will swim or climb a tree just to get a chance to get that lure back.

    Item #300 is what you want. [​IMG]