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  1. I have seen a few of these threads but as time goes on things change. If you was in a tourney, and the rules was you could only use one lure, what would it be?
  2. For bass it would be a white Zoom super fluke.

  3. Tru tungsten weighted worm -- love em! of course this morning I tied on my new "sexy shad" crank bait and it rocked at rush I guess i would have to flip a coin??
  4. bassmaniac

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    Watermelon red All Terrain Tackle jigs with Paca Craw chunks in the green pumpkin candy color dipped in red Spike-It.
    Double wide sweet beavers.
  5. zoom finesse worm, green pumkin, 1/0 light wire hook, and a 1/8 bullet weight. i have caught bass from 5" to 5 lbs on them.
  6. Tube jig (ad rattle).
  7. JignPig Guide

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    Look at my nick name and web-site name then I'll give you three guesses.
  8. It would have to be a 3/8oz. jig. I catch bigger fish on jigs verses worms. The ones I use are homemade by myself and are bullet jigs in either black/blue or brown/copper.
  9. zipperneck52

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    Junebug powerworm 7" with 1/4 oz pegged.
  10. JF1


    7" Powerbait Worm, Motor oil Color. 4/0 EWG Gama hook, 3/16oz pumpkin tru tungsten weight.....
  11. custom color red eye shad!
  12. This time of year, we're in the rivers. So, watermelon tube with 1/16 head.
  13. two
    1. green pumpkin curly tail
    2. watermelon tube (if I could take two)
  14. I would have to go with a tube for versatility. Probably in a darker natural color, mostly weightless unless it's windy. Perhaps a rattle in case of stained water.
  15. For numbers of fish, I would use a Mepps #4 or #5 dressed. Everfything will pounce on it.
  16. I'll tell you after I take your money ;). Where do I sign up?
  17. LOL.. that was . good chuckle ... thank u

  18. soua0363

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    This year it is the 3/8 ounce jig-n-pig in either blue/black or watermelon green.

    Last year, it was the Rapala DT4 in bluegill color.
  19. Custom color strike king red eye shad! everywhere ive been ive caught bass and a few walleye on it!