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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ezbite, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. ezbite

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    ive been heavily into trolling the last few years and have not purchased any spinning equiptment. im going to get a nice spinning rod and would like to match a quality reel with it. just wondering what all the OGF'er use on their spinning rods. i saw a shimano stradic that looked pretty nice, but the cost was up there too. just wondering what you liked. thanks.
  2. CoolWater

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    I use many types - some very low end & some higher... I do have a Shimano Stradic that you mentioned that I like very much. It's only been out 3x so far, so the jury is still out on its durability etc etc... but initially I really love everything about it. I've had some Diawa products that have lasted a long time and withstood some hardcore abuse, so I'd have to say I'm a fan of that manufacturer.

  3. walleye warrior

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    my .02 cents... Stradic, I wouldnt even look at anything else. I have four of them and fish them pretty hard and never a single problem with them, EVER. I have never heard anyone who has one that doesnt like it.
  4. NewbreedFishing

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    A Stradic or Symetre 2500 and 4000 series is all you need.

    I was looking at the Okuma stuff
  5. K gonefishin

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    I only use Penn Reals, 4300 SS and the newer Slammer series, I have had the 4300 SS for 15 years and it has not let me down yet, my uncles turned me on to Penn when I was a kid, they build tough reels that last forever, all brass machined. You can't break one if you tried. I paid 129.99 at Rodmakers for mine, I love it. My dad uses Diawa Regal Z's some have been in service for over 10 years still cranking strong.
  6. starcraft

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    Shimano forever!!! All me rods and reels shimano never had a problem and all work great for diffrent fishing styles. :)
  7. As long as it has a casting trigger and rear drag adjust I'm a happy camper. Last year I bought a spinning reel in the upper middle price range with continuous anti-reverse and no casting trigger. I absolutely hate it and can't get used to it. I keep meaning to list it for sale here on ogf.
  8. That is interesting that you don't like the front drags and instant anti-reverse. Those are the ones that I prefer and I stay away from the casting trigger and rear drag. I feel I get a more reliable drag from a front drag model and the instant anti-reverse to me is invaluable when jigging or any other finesse presentation. Plus I used to get the models with the casting triggers and the trigger would break. I have always been happy with Shimano reels. I have looked at the Okuma models and they look very nice although I do not own one.
  9. Funny thing is Brian, I don't skimp when it comes to the quality of my rods or 90% of the other gear I buy. I just have a certain comfort factor when it comes to my reels that I feel translates into more confidence.
  10. I am a big supporter of the pflueger reels. I have a president now but have been looking at the possibility to upgrading to the supereme. The president runs about $60 bucks while the supreme runs around $100. I really am impressed w/ the president. Smooth as can be! Just curious if anyone has the supreme and what their opinion is.
  11. Im goan have to agree with bkr i like my reels with a top drag and instant anti reverse. I dont like the snap back the reel has with the casting trigger. That and i dont like back play on the handle
  12. H2O Mellon

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    I've never owned a Stratic, but for my money it's hard to beat a Shimano Symetre.
  13. i own a stradic and its a nice reel but i prefer my quantum energy. hands down the best spinning reel ive ever owned.
  14. I favor Shimano - any of it. Stradic is an awsome reel, very smooth drag system on them.

    Front vs rear drag depends on what you are looking for. Front will be more durable, and smoother. Rear is handy if you adjust drag during a fight. The casting triggers are handy but will wear out and not work as effective after alot of time on the water. Aniti reverse is key if you are finess fishing or if you are targeting larger fish. If a larger fish strikes, and you don't have the anit reverse, the reel will spin back and smash into the stop point, causing alot of wear on a reel over time, this will eventually lead to a "knock" in the reel.
  15. ezbite

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    thats probably the most important feature that im looking for. a drag as smooth as posiable for those running steelhead.

    thanks for all the replys and keep them comming:)
  16. I would agree that the drag is probably the single most important feature to a reel. Everything else can feel great but if that drag don't work properly you're going to feel pretty silly reeling in a limp line with nothing on the other end.:p
  17. I have several favorites for different applications but if I had to narrow it down for what I have used so far, I would have to go with my Pflueger President. It is very smooth reeling. I have several Okuma Line Counter reels that I like alot. So much so that I plan on buying some Okuma spinning outfits too. A close runner up would have to be a Mitchell 300X. Don't laugh.
    For about fifty bucks you can get an outfit that will catch just about anything I fish for in fresh or salt water. I grew up on the Mitchell 300 series reels and have a soft spot in my heart for them so maybe I'm alittle bias. Never fished for steelhead though. I doubt if the 300's have enough butt for that. I have a Mitchell SQ500 (salt water) that would do the trick I bet. I may just have to give that a try.
  18. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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    well if ya just want a nice reel and rod for a cheap price. Mitchell Avocet the rod&reel combo at WM is $30. Works Great-on any fish from walleye to perch! I've also like Diwa reels-last long... good luck-nsof
  19. the stradic is a really nice reel. My one buddy swears by them thats all he'll use
  20. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    I was a Shimano Stradic fan for years. I tried out a new Diawa Tierra last spring, and I was sold instantly. The bail arm is big and beefy, the spools are engineered for longer casts, and the drag smoothness is second to none. I still have a few Stradics, but they haven't seen the water since I got the Tierras.