Your Favorite Fish (2008)

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    Ok me what you got. We change from year to year, so putting that aside........ Just one kind of fish will hold your attention thru the years,over all the rest.. No,. I like to catch them all. This is "hard core time". Bass......Walleye...Muskie......N.Pike.......Crappies.......Catfish. Which is it? That fish that you loose sleep over....dream about.... spend more of your hard earned money on than all of the rest..... Yes Guy's, That fish that you are totally "OBSESSED With". Make me Proud to to know just what "finny........"splashy" fish.....drives you "MAD"..........good fishin......
  2. BASS......duh. is there anything else???


  3. Ya! Got to be the eyes I ate last night!:p
  4. leadcorebean

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    im with ya jig.. EYES!!! theres something about those fish
  5. snake69

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    Walleye hands down. Love to fish for that family, be it walleye, saugeye, sauger or perch! And good eatin'.......................................
  6. I_WALL_I

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    Got a new addiction- STRIPERS! fished in Rhode Island twice in 07-I WANT A 50#!!!! here in ohio its eye
  7. esox62

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    no doubt muskellunge..everything else is just bait.....
  8. Erterbass

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    Here in Ohio and most other typical reservoirs: Bass

    On certain lakes and rivers: Stripers!! Nothin' like hooking into a 35lber when he's in the mood to go deep :D

  9. I love the walleye and perch for eating. But, I'm a pig. I want immediate, on going gratification. SO, give me the crappie in the spring. When I get enough of them in the freezer to give me at least a taste of fresh fish during the winter, I go after the walleye and perch.

    I've fished from here to the mountains of New York, the boundry waters of Minnesota, Minsesota lakes, Michigan, and Kentucky but I just love catching a bunch of fish when I go out. Crappie do that even though I often catch and release.
  10. Bass - Bass - and more bass.

    Hopelessly addicted since the age of 13...
  11. ezbite

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    perch....hahaha just kiddin:p . thats a pretty easy question being i grew up on skeeter ...WALLEYE of course. but now its the big lake erie walleyes. i fished erie walleye when i was younger too, but now i can go when i want, not wait for someone elses boat and tag along.
  12. Well all who know me on here can answer this for me!! :D Saugeye all the way walleye as well,but since i usually fish central Ohio lakes and rivers Saugeyes. But love those Erie walleyes as well!! Oh yeah have been known to try for Crappies as well!! :)
  13. particular BIG pike....i like the challenge of finding a big one
  14. Guys you know Ill fish for about anything that swims. I WALL I you need to start fishin WB. At least you get the best of both worlds and then some. Dont know of too many lakes in Ohio that offer such a wide variety.;)
  15. I inherited a boat last year (19' bow rider) that had sat for 3 1/2 years uncovered and unprotected. I had briefly thought about getting a lake erie boat before, but, not seriously.

    The boat turned into a fun project with my two nephews and after about 5 weeks of repair work we were ready to take it out.

    First trip was perchin'. 4 of us limited in 1 hr. and 45 minutes with the smallest keeper 8 inches and lots of jumbos on ultra-light tackle. My favorite fish became perch.

    Last trip of the year we decided to chase some walleye out of Vermillion. Terrible day with 4-6 waves and stained water. No-one was hooking up as I heard on the radio. Then my buddy boated a nice 3 1/2 lb walleye and then my nephew boated a 16 inch White bass. After 2 more hours of nothing, I hooked into a 27" 7 1/2 lb walleye.

    Now my favorite has to be the eyes when casting or drifting (don't care for trolling, I like to be more personal with the fish).
  16. wargoth

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    For fun, Bass hands down... for dinner, eyes & perch.
  17. Mmmmmm,
    1. Dream About Northern Pike [ Seriously I Have Dreams About Fishing For Pike , Only Fish I've Had Dreams About]
    2. Spend Would Have To Be Eyes Cause I Bought A Boat Years Ago & All That Goes With It.
    3.Bows Cause Of The Frustration They Gave Me Over My Inability For So Long To Catch Any.
    4. I Think It Will Be Smallies This Year . Haven't Caught Any In A Few Years & Want That 6lb Monkey Off My Back ! :b
  18. PapawSmith

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    If I run a recapitulation sheet, based on boat cost and all expenses, over a 5 year span I find that walleye and perch cost me about $38.33 per lb. And that is based on 300 lbs. usable fish per year and contributing costs donated by guests. Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Pike, and Muskie tend to pose an infinite cost as their return is strictly pleasure, albeit an immeasureable value it still appears, on paper, as a loss. I do find, however, that Talipia advertised at Cosco at $5.99 lb, taking travel costs into consideration with depreciating factors in regards to other necessary groceries gathered at the same time of acquisition, costs about $6.50 lb. I have to say it's Talipa hands down.
    Sure would like to catch one of those Talipia bastards on a fishing rod.
  19. zachtrouter

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    Big old nothern pike out of the hoga' no doubt!