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Your biggest fish from the yak?

Discussion in 'Canoes & Kayaks' started by Rooster, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. I normally target bass from the yak, and I have yet to catch anything really BIG from the kayak. I think that my biggest yak fish was a 12lb carp. Now, it did give me a nice ride, but I’m looking for something truly BIG! I’m thinking about targeting muskie or flathead from the yak. Being pulled around a river at night by a BIG flathead would be awesome!

    So…what is your biggest yak fish?
  2. Does a canoe count?
    Several pike close to 30"
    20" smallie
    25" lake trout.
    The laker was probably the strongest but the smallie was the most fun. Several nice jumps right beside the canoe, jumped up to almos eye level just a few feet from the canoe!

  3. Cow nosed ray with a six foot wingspan.
  4. bronzebackyac

    bronzebackyac Crick Smallie Fisherman

    My biggest bass from my yak is a 20 1/4 inch smallie from the Paint River in the UP of MI. I also landed a 32 inch Muskie on the same river the same day. Talk about a fight. I don't know if it was harder fighting him to the boat or harder trying to figure out what to do with the darn thing when I got it to the boat. I ended up just grabbing it up under the gill plates(Not Recomended). It shreaded my hand. I had hundreds of little cuts on my right hand. Well worth the wounds. That one float netted me my biggest smallie and only muskie to date, I was pumped. That same trip up north also netted me my biggest largemouthout out of a yak. It was caught on Deer Lake. It weighed 4+ and was 20''. The fattest LMB I have ever caught. Caught all the 1st week of Sept. last Year. Also caught a few small pike on Deer Lake.

    My biggest Saugeye are 22'' and 19.5'' the latter I caught last week on Paint Creek in Ross County.
    Also caught some huge sheephead. don't know the length, but fun none the less. Joe
  5. Two days ago, I was on Hoover in my canoe when I thought I was snagged, again. As I reel and reel and reel myself back to what I thought was a snag, the snag takes off in a different direction.

    When I finally get it back to the canoe, I use one of those one handed trout nets to get the fish on board.

    24 inch channel cat

    This is the bigest fish, I have caught on fresh water in the USA.
  6. I think my biggest fish in a kayak was a 4 pound largemouth. I actually caught 3, 4 pounders within a 20 minute period. All on a fly rod. you want to talk about fun. Kayak fishing is great, so is fly fishing. Put the two together and you are in for a blast!!
  7. stilesp

    stilesp Fishin Alum

    I caught a 30' muskie at alum in mine this year while I was trolling for saugeye. If you do it make sure to take some boca grips or something.
  8. creekwalker

    creekwalker Moving water...

    Cought a 30" steelhead on my first steelhead fishing trip. I had to get out of the boat to land it. Too slippery to get a hold on and I got soaked trying. I just decided to get out and fight it...for another 5 minutes....