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  1. I normally don't post much but have a neat story. Spent about two hours this morning moving around a local river that doesn't have any ice. Started with fly rod in fast waters and then moved into a popular area to drift. Worked both sides of the river with various spawn sacks. Nothing. After everyone left on the west side of the river, I slid in where I orginally wanted to start my day. Noticed someone left about a dozen live minnows in a old plastic can. I put one on. Decided to go about 10 ft deep with my leader and the fun started! Landed two in the next ten minutes. The gentlemen across the way also got one on and as I was watching him land it, I had another hit but didn't set the hook properly and lost it after a brief battle. Had to leave shortly thereafter but I finally landed some steelies in a river I never had much luck in!
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    Nice Job!! I bet next time you go down, you'll have minnows with you.

  3. Yes I will. I keep a good supply of frozen minnows that were left over from my fall perch fishing. I keep them covered in salt in freezer bags and they work when you can get live ones. Gonna try again tomorrow morning if the rain isn't too bad.