You know you're obsessed with fighing when...

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by dvsm0479, May 3, 2008.

  1. _____________(fill in the blank)

    You've been been pounding beers till 1:30 in the morning, login to a fishing discussion board at 1:35, and post a thread titled "You know you're obsessed with fishing when..."


    ur out drinking till 1:30 AM and set the alarm for 6:15 AM to go fishing.

  2. rmainger

    rmainger rmainger

    Just kidding have a few more your not cut off.I always check the reports to see if the fishing is on whenever I get a spare moment and have a cold one in hand good night and good luck fishin this year!

  3. Astro1700

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    311 hope that your kids' baseball games are rained out so you can go to Bass Pro and use your 10% off birthday coupon.

    They were and I did!
  4. Hmmm, well it's a quarter till two in the morning here in Cincinnati.
    Guess I've got the same problem myself!

    ok, I'm actually at work.

    Gloves up!
  5. TeamPlaker

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    ..... your wife asks if it's okay to cut your evening fishing trip short so you can go to dinner for your anniversary.

    .... you spend more time researching moon phases, water levels and temperatures than you do on sleeping.

    .... you go to the Newport Aquarium and wish you had a heavy action rod and a bucket of cutbait.

    .... you were late on your filing your taxes because you couldn't miss a day of the White Bass run.

    .... crack addicts look at you and shake their head.

    Ah... I could go on and on....
  6. Sleprock

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    crack addits lookat you and shake they head!!!!! ha funny stuff
  7. and you leave everything to her except your tackle and rods.
  8. iteech

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    ...because you won't promise not to go to strange areas (to scout out fishing holes) alone, or to try not to fall and kill yourself where your body may not be found for a long time, or not disappear when no one knows where you are (oh MAN, where else would I be?...and I HAVE a cell phone!!). And sometimes I even answer the phone, if I'm not getting any action. Oh, and when you are at your grandkid's birthday party, and you are thinking of hiding the rest of the presents and melting the ice cream in the microwave so this thing will END, and you can go fishing! :p

    P.S. I swear I'd think all this is pitiful, but really, thinking too much may slow you up from getting on the lake...