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Yo-Zuri Susp. Crystal Minnow

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Pharley, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. Pharley

    Pharley Hook 'Em

    Went to a private pond yesterday, couldn't get a bass to take anything. Threw everything in the box at em, with different rigs. Decided to throw a crank at em.

    Got a lot of Yo-Zuri lures dirt cheap off E-bay, never used them. I used a 3 5/8" suspending Crystal Minnow- these lures are awesome. Couldn't believe the action on this lure. Used the gold and black, and brought in 5 bass in my final hour.

    Only had 1 experience with Yo-Zuri, but can tell you the action is phenominal. You wont be disappointed.
  2. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    They have been excellent for pressured fish for me. I have two in the 4" size that were great in Texas last time I was there. The LM and the White bass loved 'em.

    They cost a bit more but they work great. And, they have good hardware on them.

    I have several in the box and would not hesitate to add more. Great baits.


  3. JakeFr5150

    JakeFr5150 Mr. Bug Rod

    I've never used the Crystal Minnows, but I have to say that Yo-Zuri's Pin's Minnows are awesome too. Fantastic action and the colors are very lifelike (except for the Purple naturally). I can catch just about anything on them, from bluegill to pike. I personally prefer the smaller 1/16th oz. size because they have better action. The 1/8th ounce size does not wobble as good for some reason.