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Yet another motor question

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by twistertail, May 26, 2005.

  1. 76 Ted Williams 7.5hp it says its a "solid state ignition" I'm not sure what that means and cant find much about it but I think it does'nt have points?? Someone told me to change the points and condenser on it. It wont start so I'm going to take the carb off this weekend and clean it up real good and hopefully that will work.
  2. Based on a little reading I've done, I don't think it has points. From what I've read, it generates spark from the flywheel and magnet passing by the coil. I would certainly eliminate a fuel system problem before looking too far into the electronics. Not saying that it isn't electronic, but fuel problems are MUCH more common. At the very least, most 2 strokes could use a good carb cleaning. Make sure you have a new gasket, some Chem Dip, and an air supply to blow out all passages. I've tried carb cleaner from a can, even though I knew better. Despite what some people will tell you, it will not work well. I ended up tearing down and cleaning all three carbs twice. :rolleyes: Did you ever find a manual? You'll probably need it at some point.

  3. Yep I got a manual on the way, found a motor just like mine for sale and the guy had the manual so I emailed and asked if he would copy the manual and sell it to me. Well he sent back an email and said he would send it to me and didnt even want anything for it! I should have it Saturday. I'll send the guy something since he was nice enough to do that for me.
    What is Chem Dip? Never heard of that. I was going to get some carb cleaner from the auto parts store but that stuff wont work?
    Thanks for all the help with this.
  4. You can get Chem Dip at Autozone, or another parts store I'm sure. It comes in a gallon can, with a small metal strainer inside. You place the metal parts to the carb in the strainer and let them soak in the cleaner for an hour or so. Then lift out the strainer and blow off all the parts with compressed air, especially all passages. This will disolve all the varnish that may be built up, which is what causes most carb problems. Carb cleaner in a can won't do that. I'm sure there are other products made that you could use, but Chem Dip is the one I've used, and the one I've heard of most often.
  5. How important is it to blow the parts out? I dont have an air compresser. Would one of those cans of compressed air work?
  6. You'll need to blow out the passages to get out any particals that may be left. A can of compressed air may be enough, I've never tried it. At worst, you could take the parts down to the closest gas station.
  7. Good idea, never thought of that.
    Thanks again for all the help.