Yes, its a goldfish!!

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by cpcs_allen, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. i was recently bowfishing at the spillway at Lake Loramie in Minster...and this is what i pulled out.... a 14" goldfish....i was like a kid in a candy store...yes, i know its just a carp but i still find it hilarious.

  2. Nice TROPHY. Was walking the bank at a local water supply reservoir last week and saw a alpino carp, or some kind of gold fish. Tried to catch it, but it didn't wont to play.

  3. If you enjoy getting them, try any of Lake Erie's marshes. They are loaded w/ Big carp, goldfish, and carp-goldfish crosses
  4. I saw one at bresslers two weeks ago near the boat ramp.
  5. if i had a chance to get to erie i'd be all over sad as it is i've been bowfishing more this year than actual fishing...its too addicting!!
  6. You ever bowfish, Lost Creek reservoir here in Lima ? always see carp swiming close to the bank. East and West banks.
  7. no i havent...but it is definitely something to look in to...oh and good news for me....i have a trip planned to go to erie on july 6th and if u see a group of hillbillies on a boat shooting expensive bows into erie...u know its me!!
  8. I thought it was illegal to bowfish by a dam or spillway?
  9. by a dam yes...but the spillway is not considered a dam...i made sure before i got my bow out...theres an odnr officer almost always at the lake loramie state park and thats just right across the me...i wasnt about to get a ticket for a few carp