Yep... I saw some UFOs

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  1. To be clear, my definition of a UFO doesn’t include anything alien. But when you see something in the sky that is very much out of the norm it puzzles you as to what it could be.
    I live in Akron, very populated area, so I assume more people then me seen the train of white and blue strobing lights that crossed around 7 pm tonight.
    They came from the W and were going towards the E.
    It seemed they were some distance apart and they did not vary at all in speed or direction.
    A few lights did move in a triangle formation though, a few were single.
    I know that drones are everywhere and that’s what my assumption is now. But these covered much to long of a distance to be operated by a handheld remote.
    At first I thought space station, but I’ve seen that go by before and the lights were never strobing, just constant. But the movement did resemble how the space station goes across the sky... straight line all the way.
    So did anyone else see this tonight? Or have something other input as to what it was?
    No abductions occurred by the way:eek:
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  2. On Fox 8 news tonight they were saying something about the ISS, but I did not catch it all because I was hanging Christmas lights.. I live in Akron also
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  3. Ok, should have figured that, but the lights were much different this time. Found the ISS tracker, said it came over around 6:18 today.
    Guess it’s a IFO now!
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    When I've seen the ISS go by it didn't go in a straight line; it was more like a big J curve.
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    Contact MUFON. I wish I could have seen it with ya. Cool stuff!
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  6. just so that everyone knows. the ISS doesn't have lights on the exterior that can be seen from earth. the "light" we see is sun light that's reflecting off the hull of the station.
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  7. Thanks for the info... if the light that shines off the ISS is from sunlight why did some appear blue and strobe like?
    That thing must be huge too... from the first light to the last one covered a long distance across the sky. has all the times and directions it will be going over for the next 2 weeks, I’ll be watching for it again in that time.
    I didn’t notice the “j” curve as you described FOSR, I’ll give a update next time I see it.
    Edit: just looked up the size, it says it’s 100 yards long or so... so now my question is why did it cover such a long distance? From the first light to the last it covered at least 1/5 of the sky overhead. Guessing it has separate satellites in the same orbit with it?
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  8. Maybe you did see something. I know everything has an explanation but I have seen some things in the sky that I could not explain...
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  9. no prob...
    I don't think you was looking at the ISS. there's no strobe lights on it. there's no need for them.
  10. Not saying you didn't see an unknown at all, but what you may have been looking at were cargo/passenger jets.. I watch flightradar24 and sometimes there will be 5-6 747 freighters strung out over a part of the sky. All at same altitude, same speed and same heading. And sometimes those boys will get pretty high to take advantage of the jet streams. You can check the out here, just zoom into your area and it will show you everything you see in the sky from a J3 Cub right on up and tell you what it is and where it is going, where it come from, altitude, ground speed, and color of sturdesses eyes..,-121.2/4
  11. that's a cool site Slatebar!!! :)
  12. I beleave theres life else where. why not??
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  13. If this is so, and they have different story of creation what then?
  14. Sat. night my brother called me on his way home from work and told me to go look in the south western sky. He said he didn't want to be the only one seeing these swirling lights. LOL! I stood outside for a bit and saw nothing. A bit later while driving to my sister's house in Green, I saw them plain as day. It turned out to be spotlights from Clays Park that they were bouncing off the low clouds to attract business for their Christmas attraction. They were swirling in a big circle and would come together and back apart in a repeated pattern. It freaked me out for a minute!:eek:
    You would think they would have to give Akron/Canton airport a heads up before doing this.
    Not sure if you saw the same lights, or if they are doing this in another location as well.
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  15. Alien Ice Fisherman in search of hardwater.

  16. RMK


    cool site!
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    There was a British scientist or science fiction writer who said, "Sometimes I think we're alone in the universe, other times I think we're not. Either way you go, it's kind of mind boggling!"

    And seeing UFO's is by no means a modern phenomenon. Christopher Columbus wrote about seeing UFO's in his journals on the way to the new world. Ancient Sanskrit texts referred to aircraft that were called, if I remember correctly, "Vimana", that engaged in aerial combat over ancient India.

    More recently, Allied pilots in WWII saw UFO's that they referred to as "Foo Fighters".
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  18. Is Dave Grohl aware of this?
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