Yellow Perch

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  1. Besides Lake Erie are there any places to catch yellow perch around here? I don't need a lot, just a few. Thanks for the info.
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    CJ has more Perch than you can shake an Ugly Stick at. They hit everything on the bottom all Summer long over most of the lake. There is one small problem - you very rarely see one over 8 inches. They're mostly Walleye food.



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    For a minute there i thought you were talking all the white bass ;)

  4. Indian and St. Mary's have perch.
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    eastwood's got some too, TC1
  6. Caught a few dinks down at rocky fork
  7. Kiser lake has some perch in it. A couple years ago i seen a huge perch pulled from kiser had to be over 12 inches but ive never got any over 6 inches there myself.
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    I've seen one come from CC
  9. Kizer usually has a good population of perch. A few winters ago, there were fisherman coming from IL and St. Marys by the droves. Not sure how the population is currently with the conditions that the past few winters have brought.
  10. When ice fishing I usually catch a few perch out of Kiser, But the most I have caught in one day was maybe 8. Heres a picture of a perch from kiser that I caught this year that was about 10 inches.