Yellow Perch

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  1. I am a woman from Cincinnati and wanted to know if there are any places along the banks or piers to get yellow perch? Thanks.
  2. They use to be caught off the pier at metzgers marsh, but not really anymore. I have heard the pier at camp perry u can catch them fishing the lake side. Must have photo ID to enter the base to get back to pier. In the fall you can catch them at cullens park where the boat ramp is tight lining on the bottom. Hope this helps.

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    You can catch them off the Huron pier near the lighthouse.
  4. You guys told me the right places to go, but you forgot ONE important point. I saw a total of 6 snakes after being on the Dempsey Access for 5 minutes questioning one couple there fishing. There is no fish worth that much!!!! They were everywhere!!! I went to Catawba and they were catching yellow perch with a perch rig. I had never seen one of them before, however, I will be ready the next time I come up there. It was beautiful fishing there and the people were so nice. When is the best time to go there and fish for yellow perch?
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    southwest winds for sure. other than that it's a crap shoot. perch rig is a crappie rig. too. the snakes come out to warm up in the morning sun then disappear by 10 or 11 am.
  6. Usually people take headboats out of port clinton in the late summer/early fall. Sept. thru Oct. I know what you mean about those snakes. I went one place, can't remember if it was dempsy, it overlooked Sandusky to the south. Man, 5 or 6 snakes, it was more like 5 or more snakes per rock. Yikes! I'm not a snake person either.