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Yellow perch in Antrum??

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bris1986, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Took the kids fishing last Sunday & caught a yellow perch. I had fished here on & off for a number of years but never caught one of those guys!! Anyone know if they stock (or stocked) them? Im guessing he was a transfer from the river but wondered if anyone knew for sure.
  2. my brother and I pulled up 4 perch several weeks ago while fishing Antrim also. We were really surprised, had no idea Antrim had Perch. They were good size too.

  3. Tried again yesterday but didnt get anything. My kids caught a couple gills & 3 or 4 crawdads. I have heard stories that the quary the lake was before flooded & that there is equipment still at the bottom. Also that the lake is 100'
    deep. I have googled but cant find any history of the lake. Does anyone know for sure if any of these stories are true? Or better yet knows of a topo map?
  4. RareVos

    RareVos Lost Sailor

    Don't know anything about the quarry equipment but I believe Antrim is around 30' at the deepest point and that is a smallish section with most of the lake being around 15'

    I looked at said topo map but forget where...
  5. Antrim used to be the Olen Corp. I worked for that company when they were on Amity Rd, now Darby Bends and I never heard about any equipment being left there.
  6. StuckAtHome

    StuckAtHome Mad SOT YAKER!

    About 30 feet max I believe like others have said. I like the urban legends about quarries and other myths, some like the quarries around runaround bay are over 100 feet deep, that is very common, and my all time favorite which I've heard about many impoundments including Hoover goes like this: Divers went down to examine/fix the dam at Hoover, only to come up rapidly screaming, when they got them settled down they told them that there were catfish as big as trucks/cars with mouths that could eat a diver and they would never dive there again, some stories even say one diver was attacked,lol. Deepest lake I know of in OH besides Erie I believe is Caesars Lake by the dam the river channel is close to 100', now there might be deeper springs Blue hole I heard was 500 feet deep, I bet a Urban legend.
  7. Well I can tell you that at least one lake at Darby Bends is close to if not over 100 feet deep. I operated equipment in those holes when they were dry. Another is at least 70 and another is around 50. A couple of them were allready flooded when I was there and I'm not sure how deep they are. I'm sure over the years the bottoms silt in some and they become not as deep but at least two of those lakes have been flooded in the last 5 years so I would imagine they are still pretty clean.
  8. Thanks alot for the info guys. Anyone know if the part I heard about them digging & hitting a spring & filling up is true?
  9. My guess on the perch is they came in from the river during high water. I'm not sure about the rest, but I have dove Marble Cliff lakes and they are only about 30 feet max.
  10. The story I've heard is that they were digging up fill for 315 when a dozer hit a rock and a spring opened up and flooded the pit. That was in the early
    70's when we used to sneak onto the property to fish and skinny-dip. Ah, the days of yore.
  11. NewbreedFishing

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    One of the frank rd. quarries registered 91' on my hummingbird back in the day:B :C :D