Yellow Creek 10.6

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  2. I havn't fished Yellow Creek since the late 50's. The mines really did a job on that fishery for a long time. Glad to hear that it's come back... Used to fish up near Camp Logan. :)

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    It sounds like you had a good time Phish_4_bass... and congratulations.

    I fished it for about 2-hours about 4-weeks ago for my first time. I got blanked. I haven't had the time lately to really check it out. But I'm hearing some really good things about it.

    A co-worker/Millwright at Stratton Power plant went out to Yellow Creek a few days ago and had caught several nice ones similar to the ones that you had caught. He was using Road Runners on very light line and was hauling them in. He was way up the creek where the water is crystal clear.
  4. Where is Yellow Creek? I'm in athens.
  5. The Yellow Creek that I fished is in Northern Jefferson County... along the Ohio River. :)
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