Yankees Vs. Indians

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  1. Sunday, July 10,2005 @ 1:05 PM at Yankee Stadium.
    4 Tickets
    Tier17, seats S 18-S 21.
    Face value on these tickets is 19.00 each,= 76.00
    Sell for 55.00.
    These belong to a friend.
    They had vacation planed and had to cancel due to a serious illness in their family.
    I have the tickets in hand and also have the proff of purchase from Ticket Masters. You get the reciept if you buy them.
    Just cover the 55.00 and a postage stamp and they are yours.
    PM if you need more info or questions about them.
  2. Tickets have been bought by a fellow OGF'er.
    Thanks for looking friends.