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FOR SALE: Yamamoto's steel wire fishing leaders 7x7

Material: Steel silk 7x7=49. Steel silk is plaited from 49 corrosion-resistant stainless steels wires with the special method
Construction: The triple swivel is on the one. The "transparent" for a pressure of water fastening, which doesn't influence the bait game, is on the second end.
The main advantage: The connection of materials in places of formation of loops remains flexible
Different leaders:

The leader junctions' minuses are the following:
a) Leader
• Very expensive
• Too visible
• Joining sometimes unloosens

b) Handmade leader
• At the place where the rope touches the clip is ALWAYS certain wear of iron because of many bends. (This is the reason why a leader often breaks).

c)Winding - leaders
• The leader’s quality depends on the brand. But the quality of this kind of leaders is often very bad. As a result leader’s junction often unloosens.

Yamamoto's leaders don't have premise problems!
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