" Ya Won't Believe What 'O.S.H.A." is up to which can effect all GUN OWNERS?"

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  1. Don't sit back & think- Hey it won't happen? 1 can open up a whole new can of worms. And ONE DAY ya wake up & ?.

    This time it is OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration). They do not have the power to make laws. However, they can pass regulations that will havoc. They are about to say that all ammunition is an explosive. That it is dangerous to have reloading components. That it dangerous to be in a retail store during a lightning storm if they have ammunition present. The list goes on...

    Some folks up in Alaska have started an on-line petition to voice their objections. Just scroll down to the bottom and click "Sign the petition". They also have links that will help explain in detail the proposed rules.


    While OSHA can not pass laws, if these "rules" get on the books, you can be sure that laws will follow at the federal, state and local level.
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  3. signed nikster. politic politics, someone always has to have there finger in the pie..!@

    NO NOT POLITICS! Since this is started let me explain my position. I'm a AVID outdoors person. Hunting, shooting, reloading, fishing, boating, & just enjoying a good cigar outdoors! With that said & in the past I've found that 'TOO MANY PEOPLE LIE ON THEIR ARSE & DO NOTHING!' Then they wake up one morning & find a new law was passed & it effects ALL.

    These politicians & tree huggers will do anything & everything to SNEAK in some provision on a law to affect some type of US ALL. They are bastards on a mission, out of touch!

    So with this great tool that we have 'the internet & sportsman forum's' I know of no-better way to spread information out & then people who feel the way I do can do something about it. I personally get involved with as many issue's that I can with those that try to infringe sneaky laws that are hidden in a blanket type of proposal.

    So if ya want to call it politics FINE. But little by little these activist are trying to get their way.

    MANY of these so called sneaky provisions HAVE BEEN STOPPED by concerned sportsmen that found out about it, did something about it, & took an active approach to get involved.
  5. I agree! you wake up one morning and its o buy the way your not allowed to hunt on sundays!! or use ammo that you didnt pay a federal tax on. and your right they try to sneak stuff right in under the nose well i have been telling my firends about this! and i signed the form there. :!