Xtreme Bass Tournament results and photos

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    Had 23 Participants for the EBT and a great time was had by all. 3 Tough hours of action on Bob Terry Reservoir produced the top 3 winners and Big bass winners, it payed out 5 places and 1st and 2nd Big Bass winners: Tim had a WHOPPING bag of65.11 lbs for 1st, Brian had a bag of 55.81 for 2nd, Jason with a great sack of 54.90 for 3rd Marshall came in with 54.11 and Brent with a bag weighing 52.01 John had the BIG BASS weighing it in at 21.7lbs and Will P had 2nd Big Bass at 20.52lbs. Mike was nominated by his peers to receive his induction into the "Brothers of the Hook" and was awarded his certificate and a plaque recognizing him as the "Top Rod" for 2008. Mrs Claus showed up to pass out gifts and the the Tournament Director was Pam who had her work cut out for her, Phil Carver was the Official Weigh-in master, great job on their behalf, anyone who would like info on this Great Tournament game send me a PM and I'll fill you in on how to get set up. You may recognize most of these Central Ohio Fishermen, A truly GREAT group of guys who I am happy to be associated with and fish against during the regular season on the water tournaments, Thanks again guys and thanks to the 5 newbies who showed up for this one, 7 years runnin and more to come. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Had a blast last night! Always fun to hang out with so many great guys! The new game board looks awesome and the new ways of playing the game sure makes it go alot faster. Thanks for putting this party together every year Chuck & Pam. You two are AWESOME and great people.

  3. a few moments from the night!
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    Had a great time. Thanks for putting on such a great party Chuck and Pam! It was good to see everyone.
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    You definitely know how to throw a party! What a great time! Great group of guys, and the new and improved board for the game looks awesome.

    I also want to say thanks to everyone who voted for me for the "Brother's of the Hook" award. I was pretty surprised, and very honored.

    Already looking forward to next year. Thanks again Chuck!
  6. yea pretty awesome party, i didnt catch hardly any big fish though, no wait, thats normal...hahaha, im glad there was no ice this year either to prevent me from coming out of the house! you the man chuck!