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I am selling two different heavy duty combinations for catfish, sturgeon, most anything you will encounter in freshwater or saltwater including the megaladon, mosasaurus or one of the legendary Volkswagen or school bus sized catfish below the dams that your buddies, cousins, sisters, brothers friend that's friends with a diver seen and wont go back in the water again- yeah itll handle that.

The first one is my Penn Fathom 30LD, this monster has 33# of drag when cranked up, and LD is a good abbreviation for once fellas, "lever drag." Is spooled with 50# mono Berkley big game and will be sold on a Daiwa beefstick 7' XH rod that if all else fails you could perform close range combat maneuvers on Grizzlies and sasquatch with. It's a solid piece. Asking $175 obo for the combo.

Second combo on the market is also a Penn, it's a defiance 25LW, it's a monster as well, basic star drag feature, also spooled with 50# mono, also will be fitted on a Daiwa beefstick XH. Asking $95 obo

If you want both, I'd take $250. Only reason I'm selling is that I have too many combos to choose from. The reels work flawless and you're getting a helluva deal for either combination, and better for both. Not willing to separate reels and rods, if they do not sell soon I will just use them and continue to hammer the big flatheads on them
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