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xbox live hookup

Discussion in 'Computing & Gaming Discussions' started by peon, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. peon

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    finally got me an xbox and wanted to hook up to my verison dsl... went to radio shack and got a 50 foot ethernet cord and my modem that came with my high speed only has one cord slot ... can i get a 2 into 1 plug to hook my computer and xbox up at the same time or do i need a new modem??? trying to get by cheap as possible.... i hate unplugging this stuff to plug another cord in...
  2. Tokugawa

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  3. peon

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    can i get away with a cable splitter thing.. ??? i dont have the cash or want to spend 45+ bucks on that...
  4. peon

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    no one knows if i can use a 2 into 1 splitter thing to do this or not?? i can get them cheap off the net. just dont know if it will slow me down...
  5. peon

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    looks like im going to have to go that way... for now im just gonna keep unplugging and plugging in what im using ...
  6. I was doing the plug and unplug thing for awhile and it got annoying having to reenter all my ip info every time road runner updated their addresses. Went to best buy and got a cheap wired router, I think about $35 and reset my Xbox to automatic and have not had a problem since!!
  7. peon

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    my woman called Verizon and had them send me a new wireless router.. works great but was costly !! it sucked to plug the computer back to the net and have to wait about 10 min. for it to get up to speed...