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  1. Does anyone have info on the Championship results?:)
  2. *Weights are guesstimates but pretty close.

    1.Prvonozac/Prvonozac (41lbs.)
    2.Fowler/Fowler (39lbs.)
    3.Main/Murray (37lbs.)
    4.Bennett/Barbetta (36lbs.)
    5.Addis/?? (33lbs.)
    6.Shriver/Evans (33lbs.)

    Sorry I don't remember the rest of the top 10. 27 and change needed to get a check in the 10th spot.

    CONGRATS to Nick & George!!! You guys got that place figured out.
    Always a pleasure to go up against you two!

    I'm going to take my arm out of socket for a minute and pat me and my partner on the back real quick, I believe we were the only team in the top 10 to weigh in ALL green fish both days! We tried like hell to figure the smallies out but it wasn't work'in so I did what I know best and that involes rope-like line, a long rod and teeny baits!:D

    Had a blast, great show everyone!!!!!

  3. nice bag of green fish cullin!! no dought you and evans know how to catch them green fish it shows all year it was a pleasure to get to talk to you 2 at the wiegh in.