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Hello everyone! I just wanted everyone to know I got the results published to the website. For complete results and details check out

The first event was held at Mosquito Lake on April 25th. The winners were Mike and Scott Root with a five fish limit weighing 14.91 lbs. There were 108 teams total.

Some basic stats from our first event:

Teams Fished: 108
Total Fish Weighed: 413
Total Fish Released: 413
Total Fish Weight: 591.64lbs.
Avg Weight/Fish 1.43 lbs.
Avg number Fish / team: 3.82 lbs.
Avg Weight/ Team: 5.48 lbs.

Again for complete info, schedule, results and YTD standing check out our website at http://www.thex-series.com

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Man that is some good weight for 5 fish. Sounds like a really good day. Congrats to the winners and others that did good.
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