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X-Series Black River(Lake Erie) Results

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by TritonBill, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. We had 96 teams this year at the Black River tournament. It was a great day for fishing on Lake Erie and the weights showed it! Congratulations to all the teams that competed last Sunday.

    Here is the top 5 results, for details see our website (
    1. BRYAN COATES-DICK PARKER 5 fish,21.78lbs (5.49 Big bass)
    2. JOE BALOG-STEVE CLAPPER 5 fish,21.68lbs
    3. RANDY PARKER-LEN PARKER 5 fish,21.43lbs
    4. DAVE RAUSCH-JOE STOIS 5 fish,18.21lbs
    5. JOHN BARBETTA-MIKE BENNETT 5 fish,18.11lbs

    Some interesting stats:

    Number of Teams
    96 ​

    Total Fish Weighed
    268 ​

    Total Pounds of Fish Weighed
    842.51lbs. ​

    Total Fish Released
    255 ​

    Average Weight Per Fish
    3.14lbs. ​

    Average Weight Per Team
    8.78lbs. ​

    Average Number of Fish Per Team

    Good luck at the X-Series Championship at Chautauqua lake, NY.
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