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WWE Wrestler Chris Benoit & Family Found Dead

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by H2O Mellon, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    Chris Benoit, his wife and 7 year old son were found dead this afternoon @ 4pm. This is not a wrestling "work". It is 100% legit. As the link from Fox Sports says, the police are investigating this as a homicide.

    For those that don't follow wrestling, Benoit was set to win a major championship last night at a WWE Pay Per View, but left due to a "family crisis". He had also missed a wrestling event on Saturday. So obviously there was quite a bit going on.
  2. iceberg

    iceberg meat dragger

    cris was 1 of my favorite wrestlers- its a tragedy to have a great person like cris to be killed along with his family he will be missed by all of his fans and fellow wrestlers. REST IN PEACE YOU WILL BE MISSED

  3. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    I can't even beleive I'm going to copy this, but here it is:,2933,286673,00.html

    Detective Bo Turner told television station WAGA that the case was being investigated as a murder-suicide, but said that could not be confirmed until the evidence was examined by a crime lab.

    WAGA reported that investigators believe Benoit killed his wife and son over the weekend, and then himself sometime Monday.

    A concerned neighbor called police. The bodies were found in three different rooms.
  4. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    The WWE said he missed the PPV show Sunday night due to personal reasons.

    First thing I though of was "Roid Rage".

    Sure hope I'm wrong, he had a great looking Family for sure and leaves 2 other children behind.

  5. Cant understand how people can do things like this:confused: all these people lately killing not only there wives and girlfriends...but there children as well:mad: Im glad in a way that its totally beyond my comphrehension and that Im at a loss for words.
  6. TheSonicMarauder

    TheSonicMarauder Yes i slept on the couch

    dood the world is going to hell in a hand basket.......... i suggest doing what i am.... hoping that you win the lottery and then purchase yer own island to get away from psychos who do those kinds of things
  7. My 11 year old daughter is a HUGE wrestling fan, she was watching it lastnight and they had a tribute to him, myself Im kinda surprised they didnt distance themselves from what happened, maybe it was recorded before the news came out that it might have been a murder/suicide, I understand nothing has been proven yet, but they dont come out and float that kinda info publicly(especially with a celeb) unless there fairly sure, they showed his wife and son in the ring with him after a big win, difficult for me to watch for very long.
  8. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    I was following ot all night, it sounds like the double murder/suicide info was released at a 10PM press conference. Last night's live show began @ 8pm. The family was found dead at 2:30pm. I did see some report that the WWE were concerned when someone within the company received some strange text messages from Benoit somtime Sunday. I just read an update on by the AP that said the authotities said that when the details are released the public will find the outcome "bizzare".
  9. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    another update from a few minutes ago: Taken from the AP

    ATLANTA - Pro wrestler Chris Benoit strangled his wife and smothered his son before hanging himself in his weight room, a law enforcement official close to the investigation told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

    Authorities also said they are investigating whether steroids may have been a factor in the deaths of Benoit, his wife and their 7-year-old son. Steroid abuse has been linked to depression, paranoia, and aggressive behavior or angry outbursts known as “roid rage.”

    “We don’t know yet. That’s one of the things we’ll be looking at,” said Fayette County District Attorney Scott Ballard. He said test results may not be back for weeks.
  10. Sounds like major league (no pun intended) 'roid rage. Sad part is that the WWE folks rushed out a three-hour tribute for a murderer -- 'roid influenced or not. What's next week? Three-hour OJ tribute.

    Silver lining for the WWE is that they somehow probably will end up with the film rights (don't they do films for other wrestlers?) to this debacle. Hanging from the pully on a weight machine with the family dead in other parts of the house sounds like something right out of saw/hostel/etc.

    Heard a clip on Howard Stern this morning about Benoit making some 'young' wrestler who disrespected a vet do "squats till they couldn't stand anymore", only to repeat the torture a day later. Sounds like he did this type of thing before to a lesser extent. Maybe his wife and kid "disrespected" him.

    A terrible tragedy, but they probably should have received all of the facts before cranking out a love-fest tribute show. The only good that can come out of this is more steriod abuse awareness for kids who are thinking of trying it. As if a wrestler dropping dead every few months wasn't enough of an example.
  11. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    Whoa man, these two events are WAY DIFFERENT, they are not even in the same ball park. That was more of a rookie hazing, not murder. Don't even try to compare the two.
  12. Fishing-Miller23

    Fishing-Miller23 It's Miller Time!

  13. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Just look at how those guys are built, I would bet the majority of them are on steroids!
  14. dip

    dip dip

    heard that shawn michael's old pardner whose name evades me died last week.... said 60 rasslers 40 and under have died of various means in not very long of a time. i also rooted for benoit but what a punk a** thing he did.
  15. Like the Hulkster used to say...."say your Prayers and eat your vitamins..."

    Uh huh...

    Professional Wrestling is a prime example of everything that is wrong with this country. Some may say.."'s fake and all...but it's entertainment..."


    Look at the people in the crowds at these things....they are into it...WAAAAAAAY into it is their it is real....

    For cripes should have all gone away after the late 80's SI story that broke the bank on the whole deal.....

    Man...what a tragedy.
  16. is reporting that District Attorney Scott Ballard said Daniel
    was seven years old), had needle marks on his arm. They believe he had
    given growth hormone because one or both of them believed he was
  17. I had a bunch of friends in town a couple weeks ago for a friend of theirs and an aquantiance of mine that died at 38. He started doing steroids in high school and never stopped till they killed him. Like any other drug, hard to stop till its too late.

  18. That organization seems to be stepping in "it" every step they make. First, rushing out a tribute show before knowing all of the facts. Now, they insist that steroids didn't have anything to do with it...


    The WWE, based in Stamford, Conn., issued a news release Tuesday evening saying steroids “were not and could not be related to the cause of death.”

    Steroids have been linked to the deaths of several professional wrestlers in recent years. Eddie Guerrero, one of Benoit’s best friends, died in 2005 from heart failure linked to long-term steroid use.

    The father of Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig blamed steroids and painkillers for Hennig’s drug overdose death in 2003. Davey Boy Smith, the “British Bulldog,” died in 2002 from heart failure that a coroner said was probably caused by steroids.


    Now that the 'roid thing is in the open (thanks to WWE, baseball, etc.), it makes one wonder if some prior acts could have been caused by them as well (OJ comes to mind). I wonder if the WWE would suffer if their guys weren't as big due to steroid/growth hormone use.
  19. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    i heard on the radio that the majority of them are hooked on the painkillers too .oxycotin and vicodin,along with the roids.
  20. I can't imagine why they die so young??? That stuff has got to be great for your liver and other necessary bodily systems. I believe alot of these guys know the risks but are willing to gamble with their life to live in the public eye and have all the trappings of wealth.