WW1 Infantry Helmet

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  1. pictured is my late Uncles (Edward Lee Millhoff of Sidney Ohio) helmet he wore while fighting in Europe during WW1. i recently acquired it along with two of his guns that supposedly he was issued some years after the War for taking care of "varmints" that were a problem where he was stationed. the guns i cleaned the best i could and now i need to figure out how to deal with this rusty helmet. the guns (Winchester 9mm shotgun and .22 rifle) were stored at several locations but the helmet was kept in a musty basement giving it the rust it has now. its not all the way through rust, just on the surface, and was hoping for some input on what i should do with it. was thinking about having it sandblasted and re-painting it the original color if i could find the color. i beleive the outside of the helmet was painted over at one time but am not sure. about a month ago i give it a good coating of Kroil and havent done anything else to it. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Check with a reputable antique dealer. Sometimes if you clean these type things you lessen their value.

  3. you might try wright pat museum they may be able to help as they do all sorts of restoration.......my brother lives in kettering and works there........ill shoot him a pm........man those guns are sweet......i wouldnt part with any of em.....mid
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    WW1 Helmets don't have much value. It has more sentimental value than anything else. If it were me I would clean it up as much as possible and leave it as is