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Wvdnr proposal for the river

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by downtown, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Thanks for the links!

    I wish that the Ohio/ Kentucky DNR would show as much interest in the Ohio River fishery!

  2. Ohio DNR cant really do much the river isnt theirs, in the end it comes down to WV DNR, but hence why there is joint management groups and ORSANCO. The WV line extends to the OHWM on the "Ohio" Side. State of Ohio ends at the OHWM on the northern side of the banks, with a few exceptions if you look at the nav charts.
  3. It is my understanding that you can fish the Ohio River with an Ohio Fishing license. Further, you are bound to follow the regulations of Ohio when fishing from the Ohio side (bank). If you were fishing the Ohio River with an Ohio fishing license, would you be required to follow the Ohio Blue catfish regulations (no regulations) or the WV regulations (limit of 2/ min. 24”)?

    Also, Ohio stocks the Ohio River with Hybrids according to the ODNR website. If WV and KY “allows” them to stock hybrids, what would be stopping Ohio from also stocking other species?

    I sent an Email to the ODNR, and hopefully they will address their influence on Ohio River fishing regulations/stocking/habitat improvement.
  4. The Ohio/WV/KY border is nothing merely but a series of reciprocal agreements as far as fishing goes. Since it is a shared border, they agree to allow each others license to govern the water up to the first ripple of each creek I believe. So, if you were from WV, I think you can fish anywhere on the river but if you went up a creek on the Ohio side you better have a Ohio License and vice versa. We remind each other at club meetings when we fish the river in Cincinnati too. You'll need a IN/KY/OH license to fish all the water available to you if you fish the Tanners Creek SQT this year in August. I'm sure the stocking of strippers is a recip agreement too. Probably something Ohio does better than WV, so WV says okay, go ahead.

    But growing up in Steubenville there are plenty of signs that the river is WV for the most part. If you get shot on the Ohio bank and fall in the Ohio River, it's some police agency in WV responsiblitiy 99% of the time. If you had a boat accident and the dive team came out, it was the Hancock/Brooke dive team from WV that responded. I can't think of a dive team on the Ohio side for the life of me. The person to ask would be John Poole Jr. from Wintersville, Ohio. He is a firefighter/medic with their department, and a fine department it is. And he's a heck of fishermen along with his father.

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  6. I received a response from the ODNR is response to my questions about Ohio River fishing regulations. They indicated that Ohio has very little legal management authority over the river bordering KY, and no authority on the WV section. However, Ohio is part of the ORFMT and has a good working relationship with the other state.

    What was really interesting to me was that the ODNR is opposed to the new regulations proposed by WV!

    In my opinion, the new regulations proposed by WV are geared towards maintaining a quality C&R fishery, and far less emphasis on creating a fish for food atmosphere. The fact that the ODNR is openly opposed to the new proposed regulations only emphasizes my long-standing concerns about the ODNR’s fishery management policies/philosophy. Hopefully, KY will also adopt a philosophy similar to KY.
  7. I really am not overly concerned about the ODNR because they can be manipulated politically and thats how I will deal with them... I like to let them speak then use their own words against them... That is what I did for years when trying to have the law changed about 2-way radios.
    It was stupid to think that they could make a HUGE impact in deer hunting and harvest in general when we had 3 deer limits and were breaking records year after year... All I did was let them dig their own hole and let them lay down in it... When they authorized the use of cell phones that did them in on the 2-way radios... ;)

    If we can show politicians that we need regulations for catfish on the Ohio river and why the ODNR will help us with the backwood policies
    I like what WV is doing but KY will be a hard nut to crack with all their commercial fishing but if we can stop Ohio paylakes from using a natural resources that belongs to the public for their profits then we have nearly completed our agenda...:)
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    Copy/Paste that response you have here or forward it to me via email ...
    I may be able to use it down the road and put it to good use ;)

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