WV Vs. Colorado

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  1. Colorado won 17-14 in OT

    Decent game that WV had a chance to win in regulation until Coach Stewart practically refused to use timeouts in the last 40 seconds of the game. Theres been alot of talk about Crennel's clock managment sice Sundays loss to Pittsburg, Stewart's decision making made Crennel look like the next Bear Bryant.
  2. Well there we go Crennel goes to WV, Bill Cower comes back to coach the Browns. Perfect resolution!

  3. Cowher will never coach the Browns. We should bring Marty back.
  4. Marty would work anyone right now would be better Crennel.
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    Coach Stewart should have never been hired as a head coach. He has no clue. My brother-in-law graduated from WVU and he said many of the alumni are pissed because of the hiring of Stewart. Many of the people have refused to give the school money for scholarships. The defection of Rodriguez and the hiring of Stewart will set the WVU football program back for years to come. They will be lucky to win 5 games this year.