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WTT: LOTS of stuff for 12ga

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by XL506, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. XL506


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    I posted this in the WTB 12ga section, but I figure I would start a new thread just to show people what Im trading for a 12ga. I am looking for a Over/under but will consider pump actions, and semi autos as well. Here goes.. There is ALOT of stuff here, so you would have to be able to pick it up..But, it's a great deal because Im trading ALL of it for a nice 12ga.

    1: 24volt Black and Decker Firestorm Cordless Hammer Drill, and sawzall set which includes:

    24V Hammer Drill (139.99$ - Lowes )
    24V Sawzall ( 69.00$ )
    Dual Port Charger ( 49.95$ )
    Black / Decker Auto Tape Measuerer, ( 17.00$ )
    Lots of bits, and tips and also a Firestorm Carrying bag
    * Over 250.00$ worth of tools, and they're like NEW, only used them to redo a bathroom *

    2: Table Saw, 10" ( 69.99$ )

    3: HP Photosmart M415 ( 5.2megapixel ) Digital Camera, with software, cable and books ( 195.00$ )

    4: Rotozip power tool ( 59.99$ )

    5: NEW ( with box ) Home Gym system that was like 200.00

    6: And a new ( Black in color with box ) mini refridgerator / freezer that was about 100.00 * Kenmore *

    I will trade ALL of the stuff I've listed for a nice 12gauge if you can pick all the stuff up ( you'll probably need a truck lol )

    Almost 1,000.00$ worth of stuff for a nice 12ga... I can take pictures of the stuff if youd like.
  2. fishnfool

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    All I have is either an 870 magnum inperfect shape and a charles Daley semi auto synthetic stock