WTT 140 Gallon Reef Tank for Boat

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    I am at work so it wont let me post pics but I can e-mail them to you on request. Here is what you get.

    I have a complete 140 gallon salt water reef tank that I am wanting to trade for a boat. The tank is set up as I type this with fish and the corals that I currently have. What you get. This tank is currently running so it will need to be drained and taken down which is not a problem to do and can be ready in a couple of hours. I have around 3,500.00 in this tank. You can contact me at 614-264-4867 or email me for pics at jallen4527@wowway.com.
    140 gal tank with dual overflows and closed loop
    Aquarium stand and canopy
    75 gallon sump
    2 little giant pumps rated at 2100 GPH each
    Dual metal Halid lights 400 watts each with Do it yourself ballasts
    2 modded maxi jet 1200 powerheads
    1 Korila 4 powerhead
    Octopuss 220 NW Protein Skimmer with Sedra 9000 pump
    3 300wt heaters
    4 stage RO DI Unit
    auto top off unit for sump and RO DI Unit
    Many misc pieces and parts
    All the water test kits you need
    Fresh salt water mixing can
    Rubbermaid bin full of misc plumbing parts
    Over $600.00 in Live Rock and Live Sand
    2 Blue Damsels
    2 yellow tail Damsels
    1 purple gramma
    2 yellow headed sand sifting gobies
    Sand sifting star fish
    3 mexican Turbo snails
    many nassarius snails
    2 Emerald grabs
    Sun Coral
    SPS Coral