WTB-Rod building equipment+advice

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  1. i have decided to persue the Art of rod repairing/modifying. i am looking for (used preferably, and advice if you have any) a drying motor setup, and a "rod wrapper" stand/setup preferably a long one to fit up to 8ft rods, mostly surf/catfish style. i am very picky with my rods and sometimes end up buying one thats close to what i want and having it modified by a local builder. i also am very hard on my rods,friends are too, and we are always in need of some kind of repair. found some setups online that were quite reasonable but hopefully can get them a little cheaper used.
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    I've been thinking of doing this as well. I won't, but I hope you do. You are someone I can trust with my equipment. If you ever get it going, let me know. I have a few rods that need some work.

    I know you are also pretty good with an abu. Are you thinking or repairing these as well? I need a lot of work there. Let me know your prices when you get time.

  3. not planning on getting into this as a buisness, but wont pass up a couple bucks if offered;). if it leads to that then so be it but as for now just wanting to do my own, and my friends repairs/modifications. let me know sometime what you need fixed, i can no doubt fix whatever it is.