WTB: onboard battery charger

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by fishnohio, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. fishnohio


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    i would like to know if anyone has a good 2 bank onboard charger for sale i would like one with atleast 5+5 or would even be interested in a 3 bank if the price is right......lets here what you got guys......Mike
  2. BtweenShots


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    Mike, to be honest I think this is a type of item that should be purchased new. There are alot of choices out there to choose from and
    not knowing what you really need as to what you want as far as location, unit size, wgt., length of cables etc. a
    search here should give you and idea
    of the choices available outthere.


  3. DaleM

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    Mike- both bass pro and cabela's have them on sale. As Gene said go with a new one. You'll never regret buying one.
  4. Orlando

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    Take a hard look at Dual Pro brand. They dont overcharge as some do. They completely shut off when battery is charged then kick back on when charge drops. No trickle charge. Also great customer service if ever needed. I have Dual Pro 3 bank charger and its 13 years old and going strong!
  5. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

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    i saw a 2 bank mincoda charger today at walmart for 100 bucks
  6. Applied


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    I have a Dual Pro 2 bank I just replaced with a 3 bank that I would take 110.00 for including shipping, works good, I just needed a 3 bank instead. This is a Dual Pro that is private labeled for Ranger. I took it out of my Ranger 692VS just a few weeks ago and was going to put it on EBAY. This unit is 10 amps per bank. This cost is good for anyone in Ohio only or 100.00 if you want to pick it up in Canal Winchester.