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WTB Old Long A Deep Magnum Bombers!

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by fishon, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. fishon


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    I have been looking high and low for the past month.....for this lure

    Wanting to Buy old Long A Magnum Deep Diving Bombers..

    Id figure with OGF have close to 10,000 members .. a few of might have these in your old boxes....

    i saw a few of these here and there.... and i contacted a few of our great local shops and got a couple colors i wanted.. but the manufactur no longer carries the exact color i have been serching for.... it been a few years and they cut the color selection down to 6 ...

    I am looking for the deep diving magnum/ silver flash/ red head silver body... with no printed scales on it...(all the new vesrions have the painted scales and lateral line.). the older versions were clear/ prism like..

    or if possible any clear prism type of long deep magnum bombers..

    we have a few of the blue one's so we no longer need them..

    im looking for 2 of these of the exact exact color... if ya gottem and dont mind selling them to me ... i got the cash....

    so please email me or give me a ring on my cell @ 440-521-3621

    thanks a bunch ..