WTB: Korkers, size 13

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  1. Hey folks. I am looking for some Korkers wading shoes (the kinds with interchangeable soles) in a size 13. I can find them online for around $70-80, but I want to see if I can get them for cheaper as money is tight. Any leads would also be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Rodmakers in Strongsville had them on sale a while back. Don't know where they stand now. Remember, Korkers make a couple different grades of shoes so prices may not apply to the same quality.

  3. I am looking for something that is on the inexpensive side. The cheapest I have found online for what I want has been around $70. Just trying to find a better deal. Thanks for the tip though, I will check into it.
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    I got my Korker Konvertables (sz 13) at Gander Mtn last year. They were on sale for $60. Best of luck.
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    I have the same boots in size 10. This model was the top of the line (retail $129+) until discontinued & replaced with the new model. While you can get a great price now, check on availability of replacement soles in your size. If you steelhead or walk in snow, you will want the studded rubber or studded aquastealth......Just a "heads up".
    They are GREAT boots!!!
  6. Yea, I work at Gander. We discontinued them and I sold the last pair we had in nines for $37. I wasn't working there when we had them in stock, and I got a good look at them when I sold them, which is why I am now looking for a pair...


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    I have two pair of Korkers for sale, both have been used one season. The size 13 boots have laces and spikes and were somewhere around $120 new; the insert for the spikes did not come with them and added to the cost. The spikes are incredible, maybe you already know this. I upgraded to the newer model when they came out and don't wear the ones with laces anymore. I would be willing to let them go for $65. These were the top of the line a couple of years ago and have the spike soles. If this fits your budget, please let me know.... thank you. 737FISHERMAN