WTB Great Lakes chip for Lowrance 334 C

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by Jim Barger Sr, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Jim Barger Sr

    Jim Barger Sr

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    Looking for a chip that covers Erie for a Lowrance 334c. Fishing Hot Spots® Elite, LakeMaster® Pro Maps, NauticPath™ USA, and Navionics® electronic charts will work.

    I'm a newbie on GPS so any advice on what is the better option will be appreciated

  2. ezbite

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    if you dont find one on here, i got the navionics hotmaps premium east 2007 edition for less that 100 bucks for my 334C from cabelas (i think:p ). look for last years or even 2006 editions and you get big discounts on the price. this is my first year running a chip and i love it.

  3. Larry Carr

    Larry Carr WishinIwasFishin

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    There is $50 rebatge now for the HotMaps Premium 08 at Any Navionics retailer. I personally use the HotMaps E4 or N4 for the reefs in the Western Basin as it has the reefs in 1' increments. The Gold+ FishnChip is best for the rest of the lake, but you ned to buy the Gold+ Great Lakes to get that chart.