WTB cheap used lawnmower

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by GetTheNet, Jul 9, 2007.

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    My wifes grandfather asked me to find my mother-in-law a cheap used lawnmower. Doesn't have to be anything great just something that works. Eastside of Cleveland preferred.
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    my "wife's"
    whom I like
    for my
    "mother in law"
    -go hit sears or kmart on one of the sales and you will be a rockstar in there eyes, spend YOUR spare cash on it and give it as a gift it's more than worth it.
    -or be cheap and get a cheap used POS they cant start, wont run, and be prepared for hearing about it everytime you want to buy spitshot for your kit the rest of your life.
    Another way to think about it is that your doing something nice for the peeps you care about and that in itself should more than make up for the time and money, it's not unlike picking up others trash on your way out of the fishin hole, simple really, and most ideas really are in my opinion.